​Antique Market Temploux 2022 - bookings are open.

Until 31 March : Only for local inhabitants and 2019 sellers.

From the 15th of April : Open to all 2019 sellers wishing to change their location and to new exhibitors.

Hurry up - don't wait any longer !

Operating rules

    • The flea market is not a sidewalk sale
    • No new merchandise, except for comics
    • No crafts
    • No costume jewelery
    • Sale of clothes is not permitted, even second hand
    • No store items, except antique objects or collections
    • No militaria
    • No sale of food and drink, it is reserved for the organization
    • On Friday, access to the circuit will be banned before 18:00
    • From Friday 18:00 exhibitors may install their equipment (sunshade, tables, merchandise) but
      • All sales are prohibited on Friday night
      • The flea market and collections begin on Saturday at 7:00 and ends on Sunday 18:00
      • Exhibitors who have booked Saturday only must leave their location between19:00 and 20:00
    • In order to respect the public
      • We insist on that exhibitors are present on their sites Saterday until at least 22:00
      • We invite exhibitors to  stay present on their sites until Sunday 18:00
    • Exhibitors must respect the private properties that are close to the flea market spaces allocated to them
    • Like every year, controls, appreciated by exhibitors, will be performed
Exhibitors who do not respect these rules will have to pack away their goods. 

    • For security reasons, the exhibitors coming for one day only (either on Saturday or Sunday) will be exclusively placed on the circuit M. All the other circuits will be reserved for the exhibitors booking for the 2 days. The exhibitors booking only for the Saturday will have to leave their location at 19:00​
    • The small marquee
      • Will be occupied by collections from Saturday 7:00 to Sunday 18:00  
    • The big marquee
      • Saturday: will be occupied by collections from 7:00 to 18:00.
      • Sunday: will be occupied by the comics festival
    • Until March 31
      • Priority 1 : residents
      • Priority 2 : exhibitors from the previous year, booking for the same location
    • From April 15 on the collections circuit
      • Priority 3 : the exhibitors from the previous year wishing to change or modify location
      • Priority 4 : new exhibitors for 2 days
      • Priority 5 : new exhibitors for 1 day
    • From Saturday 7:00 to Saturday 19:00 : 4,50€ per m²
    • From Saturday 7:00 to Sunday 18:00 : 4,50€ per m²
    • Two days: 8€ per m²
    • Under marquee
      • small marquee: 13€ per meter of table for the two days
      • big marquee: 8€ per meter of table for one day - Saterday from 07:00 to 22:00
    • From March 1 an hotline will be available every Wednesday and Friday from 17:30 to 19:00
    • Booking confirmation and credit transfer form will be sent late May 
    • Exhibitor passes will be sent approximately two weeks before the event


Please read carefully the "Operating Rules".

Then fill in the booking form and return it by email or postal mail.
Contact information can be found at the bottom of this page.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Booking form

Map of the flea market circuit sectors