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Temploux is a village of 2,100  inhabitants and is part of greater Namur. Located 10 km from Namur and 60 km from Brussels in a small corner of the countryside where life is good. Woods, fields, an airfield, happy villagers away from the hustle and bustle of the city but very accessible thanks to good communication links.

In 1977 Temploux was merged with 25 other communes  creating greater Namur with a population of around 100,000. There was a danger that Temploux would lose its identity.

In 1978 the festival committee decided to organise a Brocante (flea market) for the tenth anniversary of the fancy-fair. They had no idea how popular this event would be. From humble beginnings, the Temploux Brocante would become known well beyond the borders of Belgium and would become the catalyst for a number of other ventures. The Temploux Brocante has contributed to the construction of a playground, a sports field and two sports halls that are the envy of many cities.

​The Temploux Brocante was awarded the Francis Laloux Prize in 1999. The prize is awarded each year to individuals or groups who actively contribute to the development of Namur.

The Temploux Brocante received the silver "La Gaillarde" 2018: Since 1928, La Gaillarde has become the highest honour awarded by the Central Committee of Wallonia. It is given to those who, while having an anchor in Namur, have illustrated the merits of Wallonia. This tradition is rooted in 1928, when literary contests were held during the Wallonia festivities. The winners received the "Silver Gaillarde". Later this usage spread to other areas. The desire was to pay tribute to Walloons who, by their talent or their work, were worthy of the recognition of Wallonia. Finally, anyone who has a caring and constructive attitude, whatever his or her chosen field, has a chance to be nominated and honoured.
It was Sunday, September 8, 2018 that this honorary award was presented to the organizing committee of the flea market "Brocante of Temploux". Distinction that honours this committee and the 600 volunteers who work to make our event a success.

The special information note  Temploux infos spécial de 2007 documents the history of the Temploux.Brocante.


On Saturday from 7 am, collectors and private sellers welcome you to a 6km circuit of the village streets. On Saturday evening, and all day Sunday, around 1,100 exhibitors offer items for sale.

Temploux does not organize a rummage sale or a discount sale but a flea market where you will not find fake merchandise, exotic foreign items, craft items, furniture or modern paintings. You will not find hot dogs  or chips on sale every fifty yards. The committee has arranged for food and drink to be available at around a dozen outlets conveniently placed throughout the circuit. This is why Temploux has become the largest Brocante in the country and an event that is, according to many, unique in Europe.

Antiques, collections, jumble sales, fleas or bric-a-brac ?
If it says antique, you may expect a  beautiful rare object presented by the seller as an original creation. The flea market, you will find something else: an old brass lamp, a series of Val St Lambert glasses, medical equipment dating from the early twentieth century, etc.. As regards  bric-a-brac,  this may be found when clearing the attic , a collection of beer glasses, a rusty bike ... At  Temploux you will find everything !

While there is business to be done with the antique dealers and everyone is searching for that missing item, what makes it all so special is the atmosphere: The village roads transformed, the smell of barbecue or pizza or pancakes and all enjoyed by the most international mix of Belgians, Dutch, Germans, French, Swedish, Americans and  Chinese to mention but a few.

It all becomes fascinating at night. Parties are organized under the marquees, the atmosphere is festive throughout the village. Around 10:30 p.m., the fireworks light up the sky over Temploux.

On Sunday at 7 am, it all starts again and the party continues all day Sunday with  games, competitions and musical entertainment throughout the day until it all comes to an end at 18:00.

​Food is available  at very reasonable prices in one of the marquees where there is seating for more than 2000 people and a restaurant in the village hall offers a gourmet menu (reservation recommended).


Since 2009 antiques may be sold at all times but on Saturday Collectors have priority.

Year after year, this day has proved to be an unmissable event for the serious collector. In a friendly atmosphere they can search for "that missing piece". Whether it is an old book or papers, comics, records, coins, stamps, postcards, old toys, models, matchbox cars, cameras, brewing kit, antique dolls, spirit miniatures, perfume samples, posters and advertising material, enamel signs, films, nautical items, inkwells and pens, watches, coffee mills, lead soldiers, shells, medals or card games, they can all be found. The priority for collectors will remain despite heavy demand from other traders.